Over 25 Years of experience in electric fencing installations.

Saxmoore services have over 25 Years of experience in the installation of electric fences. We tailor-make solutions that will best suit your requirement and budget. We are confident that we will beat any quote on a new electric fence installation and a Monthly electric fence maintenance contract.

We have installed 100’s of electric fences in the following sectors  :

  • Mining
  • Commercial 
  • Domestic
  • Industrial
  • Estates  

Why should I have electric fencing installed?

This is a question that few living in Johannesburg need to ask. Crime is on the increase throughout the country, especially in the big cities. Protecting yourself has become a necessity. If you don’t have enough reasons to invest in an electric fence, here are a few more:

  • Electric fencing not only gives a shock but also acts as an outdoor warning system. The system is capable of giving an audible warning when wires are cut or touched together.
  • You are able to connect your electric fencing to your security company radio resulting in a quick response time.
  • Having an electric fence is a physical deterrent and adds height to your wall in a cost-effective way.
  • Freestanding electric fencing not only acts as a security system but also keeps in livestock or game by acting as a physical barrier.
  • Finally, electric fencing is affordable to install and it is also easy to maintain if installed correctly.

We, at Saxmoore Services, are the experts in electric fencing in Johannesburg. We can provide you with an electric fence that will suit your needs and be a part of your security setup. You can contact us for an obligation free quotation.

Saxmoore Services are Registered and Certified Electric fence installers.

As of October 2012, any new Electric Fence installation requires a COC certificate and if you sell your property you are required by law to have a COC certificate for your electric fence. An electric fence needs to meet the Requirments set out in the SANS 10222-3 

Saxmoore services are registered with the Department of Labour as a qualified electric fence installer. We Issue COC Certificates with all our electric fence installations. 


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